When the heart is open and balanced, we enter into a state of attraction to what we need, because the power of love is magnetic and harmonious. ~ Sonia Choquette


For those on the positively life-changing path, come to Ann Emerson’s, The Sanctuary of Sophia, A Spiritual Spa located in beautiful Lake Mary, Florida, USA

The blossoming of a flower does not work hard to bloom. It only needs a rich environment to flourish. Is it time to accept yourself as a divine being unfolding in the Universe in your own time and space? Come to the Spiritual Spa at The Sanctuary of Sophia, and be welcomed to a whole new world. By raising above old patterns, we are empowered by the Divine Spark that lives within each of us. Thoughts are things, what we resist persists…What we feed grows and flourishes. Sound Energy Dynamics dissolves dissonant energy patterns, allowing natural changes to happen. Sound Energy Dynamics demonstrates the Art of utilizing Spiritual Energy to help heal oneself through the form of nurturing the Divine within each person who comes to The Sanctuary.

Why so many people are using Spiritual Energy work:
~ Improves mental clarity and brain functioning
~ Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration
~ Relieves stress by drawing your body into a centered space
~ Develops and refines your sonic abilities
~ Enhances meditation
~ Brings your nervous system into balance
~ Integrates left and right brain thought patterns
~ Provides instantaneous deep relaxation

With the work you are specially tuned to sacred blessings, you sit inside the space bringing many different sounds and vibrations together making them one-and you feel unified, at peace, re-igniting the passion and power deep inside you.

You awaken the life energy of your own cells, creating a centered, harmonious feeling inside yourself.

Techniques used at the Spiritual Spa:

Emotion Code: Addresses the inner workings of the subconscious mind. Emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body.

  • Quickly and easily rid yourself of damaging emotional baggage and “trapped emotions.”
  • Find and teardown your “Heart-wall” to unlock better health, relationships and abundance.
  • Real life case-studies and success stories from all walks of life. Children, older adults and even animals!
  • Learn how trapped emotions can create pain, emotional stress and eventual disease.

Body Code: The human body holds all of the answers that we need to help it function at its absolute peak. But then the question remains…how can we access this limitless healing database?

  • How can we use this “database” to quickly correct the health imbalances that are causing you pain, emotional distress and holding you back from the life you have always dreamed of?
  • How can you unlock your body’s hidden “lie detector” that will enable you to quickly identify and correct health issues with astonishing speed and success?
  • How can we use this knowledge to test and correct every type of imbalance, disconnection, and distortion in the bodies energy field?

The answer is simple: Combine the proven techniques of Muscle Testing with The Body Code, a groundbreaking new system based on unlocking the hidden healing power of the subconscious mind.

Bars / Access Consciousness: The invitation of Access is to help acknowledge you as the infinite being your truly are, and to step into generating the life beyond the you, you think you are. As an infinite being, all things are possible all the time, and you have total choice.

Sound Table: You will receive a gentle massage from specific frequencies of sound that bath your body in divine vibrations.

Tuning Forks: You will receive advanced vibrational healing using Tuning Forks while your enjoying the Sound Table. Tuning forks and sound help you experience deep levels of healing by bringing your body back to its fundamental pulse and by connecting you to your Authentic Life Rhythm.

Tesla Energizer: You will receive an energetic experience, which balances the Physical, Mental and Emotional body.

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