The soul unfolds itself, like the lotus of countless petals. ~ Kahil Gabrin


“When ‘working with’ Ann, my system feels as though it is ‘self-cleaning’. I always complete our sessions feeling greater joy. Ann is my ‘turn-to person’ when I’m deep in ‘conflict’. How wonderful to have one of those along life’s journey! Can’t thank you enough Ann!” ~ Dana Lichtstrahl - Author of Are You Watching

“After my first session with Ann, I received quantum results in my financial wellness (within days I was given a brand new laptop computer, and new editing clients insisted on paying me in full before I even began their job) and personal empowerment. I was able to release old patterns (from generations of toil and struggle) and accept my own source of power and abundance. Ann’s deep and loving wisdom, and her commitment to personal service and advancing global consciousness of “what joins us is greater than what separates us” adds a potent potential when combined with simple sacred breathing and activation techniques.” ~ Nancy Butler-Ross – Author of Meditation Express and The Peace Muse

“My work with Ann Emerson at the Sanctuary of Sophia has brought a visible boost of prosperity to my life and work. Not only have I benefited greatly on a personal level by feeling lighter and more focused but I am experiencing a positive financial shift with the opening of new work opportunities and quality professional relationships. I have shared Ann’s work with many of my business colleagues and they have all had similar results. Working with her over the phone or Skype is flexible and easy. I highly recommend Ann for her skill in this progressive modality and more importantly, her boundless, buoyant spirit will touch your life in a way that will last forever. If you are looking for a shift in your life and work, don’t hesitate, contact her this instant.” ~ Peter van Geldern, Co-Founder of Shades of Green Network

“I am so excited about the work I have done with Ann Emerson at the Sanctuary of Sophia. Immediately after our session with the Sacred G I began receiving multiple new opportunities that are in perfect alignment with my overall goals. I feel focused and confident in everything I am doing. Through the work we also cleared blockages that I have been dealing with regarding prosperity. It helped me see that I haven’t been taking ownership and I am now able to take the steps needed to create more abundance in my life. Ann is such a caring person and is genuinely interested in assisting others on their soul’s journey.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.” ~ Traci Brosman, World Wellness Education

“Since I started attending The Sanctuary of Sophia, I have experienced a calmer state of mind, lowered blood pressure, and an understanding of the energy that comprises everything. I’m more tolerant of other points of view, since I know we all are basically part of the same universal whole at the spirit level. I love attending on a regular basis to “re-charge the batteries”, and explore new ways of thinking and looking at the world. Ann has had a profound impact on my life.” ~ Robert Harris

“Ann has helped me realize my healing gifts are a blessing from spirit. As I do my work with Ann I can go more deeply and trust I am being led on my own spiritual journey.For me The Sanctuary‘s value is a deeper knowledge of my own sacred gifts and then I feel Peace and Serenity. I am realizing my gifts of intuition can help others to open doors in there own spiritual path. The Sanctuary is a place to grow in spiritual knowledge and blossom into the richness of who you really are.” ~ Lise Duval-Pelchat

Ann Emerson is a loving, caring and dynamic healer!  Decades of training and working in the field have given her a unique insight into her clients needs, facilitating the release of what was preventing the healing. Ann does not use just one or two healing modalities; she has an entire tool box of healing techniques. I have worked with Ann off and on for the past 15 years,  and it never ceases to amaze me the depth of her gifts and talents, the wisdom and knowledge that she draws upon. ~ Kathanna Knapp

“Ann is a wonderful human being. The more I get to know her, the more amazing she becomes. Her loving and non-judgemental approach balances well with her level of transparency and candor. She has impacted me in very meaningful ways by redirecting my patterns of misguided thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. A clearing of negative energy has opened new opportunities for me. Her impact on my life has been profound.” ~ Bo Lockwood, Co-Author, Regenerating America

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